Express~colour is a dye cream that coats the hair without penetrating the hair shaft, providing moderate to full coverage without harsh chemicals like ammonia or peroxide.

Even if you use Express~colour weekly, a tub can last up to four weeks or 3-4

Express~colour can gently and quickly blend away grey and correct brassiness in blondes. Its natural conditioning formula enriches hair and leaves it feeling silky and shiny.

Yes. Express~colour is completely free of ammonia and peroxide. It is safe
and easy to use the same day you relax your hair.

Express~colour is perfect for people who want to save time and money by
extending the time between salon visits. It’s also:
     - great for anyone who doesn’t want the commitment of permanent colour
    - agood way to blend out one permanent colour before taking on another. With its hypoallergenic formula, containing no ammonia, no peroxide, no
parabens and no PPDs, it is ideal for those with sensitive scalps and is safe
for pregnant women.

Yes, but with its enriching formula, youwill not need to combine it with
any other conditioner.

Express~colour's non-irritating formula is so gentle it's safe to use as part of
your weekly or even daily hair beauty regime.It’s enriched with a natural
conditioning formula that can actually improve the health of your hair.

Yes go ahead! You can use Express~colour if you use any other major
hair colour brand. Just choose the right shade for you.

Express~colour is available in eight beautiful shades. One of them will be right
for your hair. You can also mix themto createand customise your own hue.
Don't be afraid to experiment because Express~colour rinses away with a few

No. With blonde hair, it will make it brighter but not lighter as it does not
contain peroxide. For the same reason, it will not completely cover root growth
in blondes. Darker hair shades will blend in root growth. Because they will not
make your hair lighter, it’s important not to choose too dark a shade.

The subtle conditioning colour effect of Express~colourcan last up to 5-6

The more regularly you use Express~colour, the better it becomes! If you find
you have an uneven result because you have missed a bit, you can just
reapply Express~colour to that section of hair.

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Express-colour can be removed using a clarifying shampoo such as baby
shampoo or anti-dandruff shampoo. It will wash away after thorough
shampooing with these products.

We recommend wearing gloves to prevent any colour from staining your nails.

Yes, other haircare products can be used after Express~colour has been
applied to hair according to instructions.

In just 3 minutes after application, you should notice Express~colour blending
away your grey and enriching your hair with a natural, healthy-looking shine.
You can leave it for up to 10 minutes for blondes and 30 minutes for darker
colours – see the instructions on the pack.

You can go to the salon as soon as you like after using Express~colour.

Yes. It is safe to use Express~colour with any type of styling tools such as
blow-dryers, straighteners and curling irons.

Chlorine affects all types of hair and colours, and it will remove the colour
effect of Express~colour. You can swim (it won’t make your hair turn green!)
but you will need to re-apply the conditioner.